Meet The Analysts

Who are the Analysts?

The analysts are a group of crypto-trading powerhouses that have combined to provide the individual with as much value as they can pack into one discord server. Obviously, everyone is different; therefore, everyone trades differently, which is why it’s so important to have analysts with techniques that are distinct from one another. There is one thing that they all have in common, and that is the desire to educate. Meet the analysts:


Price Action Trader, High caps/bitcoin

UB is the founder of The Haven and recruited the other analysts that he knew could bring solid, yet incomparable value to the group. Coming from traditional markets/equities, he brings a refreshingly simple yet concise approach to trading the crypto market. UB relies on price action to execute his trades, and focuses the majority of his attention on high cap cryptocurrencies as well as bitcoin exclusively. If there is a range in play, you can bet your marbles that UB is watching that range and undoubtedly trading it successfully.


Price Action Trader

Loma is a full-time trader that focuses primarily on price action, similarly to UB. You can count on Loma to provide in-depth analysis on high-cap coins as well as potential mid-cap plays. Loma and UB are fantastic at rotating profits into BTC at times when the majority is heavily overexposing themselves to altcoins. If you’re looking for a systematic approach to trading intra-day price action as well as learn when is the best time to take profit, you’re going to want to pay attention to Loma’s analysis.


EMA Trader, Trend Rider

Pierre is another full-time trader that takes a completely different approach than UB and Lomah. Pierre utilizes moving averages in every possible aspect; simple moving averages, exponential moving averages, you name it. When it comes to spotting a higher time frame reversal, Pierre is incredibly apt. If you’re someone who wants to have confluence for your trades, chances are Pierre already found the confluence you’re looking for, and is going to provide a fantastic example of a similar confluence in the past playing out.


EMA Trader, Fibonnaci, and Micro caps

Similar to Pierre, Krillin gravitates towards moving averages as well as Fibonacci levels. However, unlike the other three analysts, Krillin spends a lot of his time in the absolute depths of the space finding the most exotic of altcoins. If you prefer to look for smaller market cap gems, Krillin’s analysis is going to be an excellent reference point for yourself. Some might consider being interested in such coins as far too risky, however the difference between Krillin and the average low-cap coiner is that he understands how to manage said risk. That being said, Krillin doesn’t just exclusively trade low-caps, he also utilizes LTF scalping methods to trade bitcoin and other high caps.


PA Trader, RSI, and NFTs

Cold Blooded Shiller, mostly referred to as CBS, is the newest addition to the team of analysts, and he brings priceless value. CBS comes from an educational background outside of crypto, and has brought that same energy into the crypto space. CBS lets the market do the work for him. He is known as a momentum-based trader, he uses divergences to gauge when the market is at a turning point and looks for momentum to catch breakout opportunities. CBS utilizes divergences to help build his bias, and lets the market confirm his bias. He is an advocate for trading spot and simply letting the market do the work. From the outside looking in, he might be a man hiding behind pepe the frog, but to anyone who knows CBS, they know that he is an incredibly profitable trader that is very keen on helping those around him thrive. CBS is also The Haven’s resident NFT expert.

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