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Our educational content

Technical Analysis

Our five analysts share their trading system in depth. Pierre and Krillin mainly focus on teaching their approach to EMA & SMA trading. Lomah and UB prioritize Price Action and liquidity based trading. While Cold Blood Shiller educates members on RSI and Awesome Oscillator divergences.

Risk Management

Education about risk management is our top priority. Trading is a game of long term survival and protecting your capital should always be your priority. Within The Haven, you can learn the best risk management practices with a focus on proper position sizing.

Portfolio Management

During trending environments, it’s very important to know when to prioritize holding spot positions. The management of one’s portfolio can make or break their trading experience. You do not need leverage trading to be successful – you can learn more about this within The Haven.

Trading setups

Reading a chart and forming an argument to enter or exit a position is one thing. Executing on your trade ideas with proper position sizing is another. Within The Haven, we teach about how each of these go hand in hand. We want to mould our members into great analysts as well as great traders.


There is a dedicated channel for asking questions to analysts of The Haven. There is typically at least one analyst online at all times. If members have a question about anything, they can post it in the questions channel and get a reply back as soon as possible!

Private live streams

Analysts of The Haven host private live stream sessions with the entire group. Members are able to ask analysts any questions they want. These questions can be about the emotional side of trading, a trading idea they had, and more! The AMA streams are announced in advance. If members miss the stream, there will be a recording posted shortly after the live stream concludes. This is a great way to interact with analysts of The Haven!

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Meet The Haven Analysts

Five analysts across several time zones!


Price Action trader. Mostly focused on trading Bitcoin and high caps.

Range trading is what he strives to teach!


Price Action Trader. Mid to high cap altcoin trading is his sweet spot. He provides great analysis for rotating altcoin profits back into Bitcoin.


Mostly dedicated to altcoins, Pierre’s main goal as an analyst is to find trends early within the market and ride them as long as possible.


Moving averages and Fibonacci fan, Krillin mostly scalps and daytrades. When he doesn’t, he’s looking for next low cap gem.

Cold Blooded Shiller

Experienced scalper and daytrader, RSI and AO divergence master, CBS is also our resident NFT expert.

Members Testimonials

Joining the Haven was the best decision I’ve made in nearly four years of crypto. The depth and quality of content from the analysts is second to none and has improved my trading knowledge and performance tremendously. What I value most about the Haven is the kind and welcoming nature of the group.

Each day we get to learn from some of the best traders in the business and witness first hand how they think and operate. In addition to this, the Haven has an amazing community of traders, investors, and DeFi & NFT enthusiasts who are always helpful and willing to share their knowledge.

I cannot recommend the Haven enough for anybody that is looking to learn and improve as a trader.

PC Principal

Member since Jan 2021

Members Testimonials

I’ve been in the crypto space since 2017 and have been part of a few different trading groups. In my experience, The Haven is by far the most talented collection of traders who provide enormous amounts of educational content too. The traders all have different styles of trading as well, so everyone can find something that fits their personal trading style. Further, I made a couple mistakes with my portfolio.

The guys leading the group are good people with integrity which is important in this space.

I highly recommend The Haven to anyone interested in trading crypto with all different levels of experience.



Members Testimonials

Joined The Haven for about nine months. Before coming here, I had limited knowledge in crypto trading. CT and YouTube were my main source of information on what to buy. And quite often, buying coins shilled by CT would ended up bag hold while they would tweet about bought the bottom and sold the top. Trading for me was constantly checking my feed and watching my PnL going up and down.

After joining The Haven, they taught me how to set a plan and trade the plan. Take emotion out of trades, and apply proper risk management. There are daily updates on market condition and educational channels from different Analysts. Community here is a huge bonus. Fellow traders and Analysts would spend their time to answer questions and share their knowledge.

The Haven literally changed my life. No more setting up notification and wake up in the middle of the night to panic buy or sell with mobile app. Thank you!


Member since 2021


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